Polygons are naturally-spawning shapes that are spread across the arena. The size of each polygon generally increases with the number of sides. Frequent polygons are the polygons that spawn the most and are the least rare.

Frequent Polygons

Once a frequent polygon is destroyed, it will respawn as a different type somewhere on the map after 90 seconds, or it can spawn as the same type. This is because if they respawned as the same type, then some polygons can't exist on one server unless you join another server. They often appear to split apart from another of the same type.

Yellow Square

Yellow Squares are the most common polygon and you can find them almost everywhere. They reward 10 experience points when killed and they have 1.4 Hp.

Red Triangle

Red Triangles are the 2nd most common polygons. They have 4 hp and reward 25 experience points when killed. they can be found no problem as they are still pretty common.

Blue pentagon

Blue Pentagons are the 3rd most common polygons. they have 21 hp and reward 130 experience points when killed. they can spawn in pentagon nests and are accompanied by alpha pentagons

Alpha Blue Pentagons

This polygon is like the blue pentagon but it only appears in pentagon nests and are 3x larger. they have about 1000 hp and give you 3000 experience points.