As the days grew into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, she had eventually grown tired of waiting. She had walked around the dark void she was placed in, eventually running. As she let her thoughts roll, her imagination begun to twirl and she had been placed in a forest, directly in the middle of a clearing; She had been here before, and thus had looked at the carvings she had put onto the trees.

Her hand, firmly placed on the bark, nearby the carving, she had begun to go through the monthly process of reconfiguration, this being normal due to her being an Admilis. As the light began to pass through her form, a new one begun to emerge from the previous one.

"All of the hard times," she thought, "Would be over with. I have a new form, and a new start." That was a foolish thought.

In that instant, she had shed away her butterfly form into a new one; A creature known as a Griffon. This is the fourth case of a transformation in a monthly period related to a problematic situation. She felt like she had moved on, however.

It might've felt unnatural, but she felt a deep sense of grief. A few days later, something changed inside her, as if something split apart; Not from the loss of a friend, but from the potential quarrels in family.

And that is why she's by herself.